Automotive IndustryCincinnati-based Queen City Steel Treating has been providing quality heat treating services to the automotive industry for over 30 years. Our dedicated staff meets/exceeds quality requirements and are trained in all of the latest advancements and technologies as it relates specifically to the automotive industry.

Automotive Applications: Heat Treating for Parts

The Queen City Steel Treating team is equipped with cutting-edge, specialized equipment and maintain a long list of essential industry certifications, along with years of experience. Our automotive clients reach well beyond the Midwest, spanning across the United States and around the world.

We’re proud to be ISO 9001 registered, and compliant with CQI-9, ITAR, ASME, and applicable MIL/SAE specifications. We are acknowledged by the Society of Automotive Engineers with capabilities for carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steels.

Any automotive component with a ferrous, non-aluminum or non-plastic makeup can be heat treated with regard to its particular application and engineering specifications.

Some of the most common parts we heat treat at Queen City include:

  •    Braking systems
  •    Engines and motor assemblies
  •    Transmissions
  •    Seating components
  •    Drivetrain components
  •    Suspension systems
  •    Dashboard components
  •    Transfer cases
  •    Gearboxes
  •    Power transfer units (PTUs)
  •    Steering systems

We review every drawing, print, and specification on a part by part basis. Every project is driven by the customer’s engineering prints and requirements.

Direct Service, Queen City Value

Every job has unique requirements, so our team reviews each project uniquely, from start to finish. We assess the heat treatment specifications in each engineer’s designs, as well as part size, dimensions, and weight. Our team then works to find the best treatment, timeline, and delivery schedule to fit our customer’s needs.

The Queen City Steel Treating team maintains a long list of automotive programs due to our consistent quality, competitive pricing, and prompt delivery. We’re proud to offer both standard on-time delivery and expedited services, with a focus on our customers’ particular requirements.

Working With Queen City Steel Treating

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