About Us

FBF Limited dba Queen City Steel Treating, Cincinnati, Ohio, began in 1922 when Edwin Stenger and Bernard Stenger realized the need for a commercial heat treating operation in the Cincinnati area.

Three generations of the Stenger family members operated the company for 74 years. In 1996 FBF Limited (doing business as Queen City Steel Treating) took over the operation in its 100,000 square foot plant. The new ownership is comprised of three partners: Judith (Judy) Rudy, Michael Fourney and William Fourney. Judy is the president and operating manager of the company.

Under her direction, Queen City Steel Treating has moved into a leadership role in the heat treating industry. One of the first major changes was the advancement of quality assurance. The goal was to be certified as ISO-9002 and QS-9000, and to earn Ford’s prestigious Q-1 Supplier Quality Award. All of this was achieved in record time and was quite a feat with only 11 heat treating companies in North America being certified in all three at the time.  In 2002 she had the company adopt “lean manufacturing” to increase their competitive edge.

One of the company’s current goals is to become an innovator in the changing roles of the metalworking industry. This is being achieved through participation with the industries it serves, as well as with the heat treating industry. The management team at Queen City Steel Treating serves in local, as well as national, associations and societies, which include the Metal Treating Institute, Precision Metalforming Association and the American Society of Materials.

Queen City Steel Treating’s customer base currently serves the automotive, heavy truck, mining, oil and gas, domestic and commercial appliances, military, agriculture, construction (including nuclear-certified products) and safety products industries.

We have a dedicated staff with years of experience, good, well-maintained equipment, and an ownership that wants to grow. We know our niche is high production, and we are going after it.

Queen City Steel Treating now operates a 2000 lb continuous mesh belt furnace line, high volume carburizing pusher line, seven integral quench batch furnaces complete with all companion equipment. Our processes include neutral hardening, carburizing, carbonitriding, normalizing, annealing, and ferritic nitrocarburizing. We also offer secondary value added operations for your one-stop shopping that includes shot blast, rust preventative (oil and water based) and packaging.  These processes allow for a lean and efficient manufacturing experience.

Queen City Steel Treating looks forward to serving your current and future heat treating needs as we aim to partner for successes for both our customers and all involved in the operations of our company. To learn more about us, request a quote today.